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Proctor University Mission

We believe people are an organization’s greatest asset. Through co-created and customized professional leadership development programs, we partner with you to develop,

and enrich that asset, thereby creating exceptional levels of performance, productivity and profitability.

What is Proctor University?

Proctor University, established 2012, was created to provide high quality continuing education for the purpose of maximizing performance/productivity and to support a strong business culture. Leadership development is offered to all staff levels through traditional and interactive sessions including guest speakers and instructors for the purpose of advancing knowledge, skills and growth to benefit the staff member both professionally and personally. Proctor University activities include organizational/business culture development, DiSC Behavioral Analysis Profile workshops, customer care/concierge experience education, interactive book clubs, leadership development summits and general on-going education and development.

In 2013, Proctor University expanded to offer these type services and opportunities to other businesses and organizations.  With 100+ years of successful business experience to draw from, Proctor University is poised to be your partner in the growth and development of your organization.


I would be thrilled at any time to offer a recommendation or endorsement of Proctor University and Pam Grimes because I have seen the core ingredients in practice in your firm, which I regard as one of the best retail automotive enterprises in my 800 store membership.

Ted SmithPresident; Florida Automobile Dealers Association

“In one afternoon,  Proctor University helped us solve the challenge of creating an effective mission statement and cultural values that has eluded us since the inception of our Company.  I look forward to working with Pam Grimes and her team on future training needs. Proctor University was well worth the time and money.”

Todd SperryVice PresidentOliver Renovation

Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in any marketplace isn’t an accident. Not only is it necessary to outperform the competition, but your behavior has an organization has to be flawless as well. The Proctor family understand this. And for nearly twenty years I’ve watched them build a company culture founded upon character, commitment, and collaboration.
Thankfully, Pamela Grimes and her staff at Proctor University can create customized training programs that will help you and your staff to achieve long-term profitability and similar success in your business. Moreover, Proctor University’s curriculum is designed to engage its participants in a manner that allows them to use the learning principles as tools that will improve their people, performance, productivity, and profit.

I give Pamela Grimes and Proctor University my highest recommendation and endorsement.

Dr. Tom McQueenBrand Development Executive - The Dimmitt Automotive Group

I attended a book club meeting at Proctor University.  My understanding of the subject matter was increased by the depth of exchange in the small groups.  Later, when we combined our observations, and the flip charts overflowed around the room, I gained a new appreciation for how much more we learn when committed people study together.  It was a great experience and I look forward to the next one!

Mark RaciappaLicensed Business CoachAction COACH

Time and time again I am impressed by the remarkable quality of the leadership that we have the privilege of teaching at Proctor University. During our training’s together, the leader participants are fully engaged and seek to further their understanding and real world application of the human resource and employment law topics that we discuss. Not only do they come prepared, but they are eager to listen to what I have to say and that makes it all worthwhile. I am truly honored each year to be an ongoing trainer for Proctor University and always look forward to our future training’s.

Bill Kriznerof The Krizner Group